In addition to the district executive welcoming volunteers for a variety of tasks, all of the following cultural agencies welcome volunteer help. For more volunteer options go to:  www.over55london.ca   or   www.pillarnonprofit.ca

Jackie Kinder, the VTP Coordinator has been talking to us and asking for some months now about asking for volunteers from our membership.  Her program is now up and running in this area and is developing across the province. Read more about the work Childcan is doing in our community and maybe you'll see yourself in the picture, helping out and making a child's life brighter by your love.

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The volunteer program of London Public Library was created to support the value added services that the Library feels are vital to our community.  Our volunteer program helps strengthen people and neighbourhoods by creating connections that enrich lives, inspire discovery, foster creativity, and expand possibilities.

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Our Volunteers

  • Apply skills and knowledge or learn new skills to improve job opportunities

  • Have fun, socialize and make new friends

  • Contribute to providing exceptional visitor experiences

  • Support Museum London's goals and mission

  • Give back to the community










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It is the volunteers that make this organization a success and we are always on the look-out for more help.  Volunteering with LCP & the Palace is more than acting; we need volunteers to help with the Box Office, ushering, assisting with props, make-up, costumes, sound, lighting and much more.  You can learn how to produce and direct shows or get involved with the Board of Directors and help us raise money to continue the restoration of the Palace Theatre.  Donate your time and make a difference to the community!

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Volunteers are one of our most important resources within the theatre. Their time, commitment, positive attitude and personal support of The Grand Theatre allows us to provide quality customer service to our patrons, and helps to support every department in our organization. 


Our volunteers provide assistance and support by:

  • Volunteering for Front of House duties, which includes ushering, greeting patrons at the door and concession work

  • Providing administrative and clerical support to staff

  • Coordinating and assisting with fundraising initiatives, including volunteering for special events

  • Supporting educational outreach programs such as tea talks and other in-house activities

  • Communicating a positive message to our community by providing exemplary customer service to our patrons and being an advocate for The Grand with friends, relatives and colleagues.

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Learn more about

volunteering with

Junior Achievement

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