President's Message

 April 2021

Spring equinox occurred on Saturday, March 20th this year, marking the astronomical first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Did you
balance your egg? (If not, don’t fret; it will still balance, even after the equinox. Give it a try--it’s fun!)

Spring means sugar bush time, at least for me – I can already taste the maple syrup and pancakes. With Easter drawing near, hopefully
we will once again be able to celebrate with
family and/or close friends. It’s been wonderful
for me to be able to get together and do things
with my children and grandchildren again, even
though it is exhausting (in a good way, of
course!). With more options opening up as we
move into less restrictive COVID measures and
vaccinations becoming available, we can
remain hopeful that things will return to some
sense of normality in the near future. Until then,
please continue to take all necessary
precautions to stay safe and well.

The warmer, sunnier weather is bringing my
garden back to life, with snowdrops already in
bloom and other plants beginning to grow. I see
fresh-cut tulips and potted spring plants in the
supermarkets and nurseries, and packages of
seeds are calling my name. Are you also getting
ready to start seeds indoors and itching to get
into your garden? What a wonderful time of the
year! Please take some time to get outside and
enjoy it – perhaps take a walk with friends or
break out your BBQ for a small outside
gathering in the backyard or on the balcony.

While we still cannot meet in person as a
District, things have been busy. Both the Social
and Membership Committees continue to keep
in touch with members for birthdays and special
life events. The Goodwill Committee is in the
process of mailing 385 spring greeting cards to
our elder retired members.

Your Executive meets virtually each month and
has been preparing for the Provincial Annual
Virtual Meeting in April. Our Spring Luncheon is
going to be replaced with a virtual meeting on
May 6th at 1:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to check our website ( regularly. It is constantly
updated with new links, information and articles;
and you can even access the newsletter there.
Did you know we also have Facebook and
Twitter accounts? These are other ways for
those of you who like to use social media to
keep in touch with friends and colleagues.
Remember, we are here to serve you. Let us
know how we are doing, what we are doing right
and how we can improve. We welcome your
suggestions and feedback.

Although we’ve had to cancel our in-person
Retirement Planning Seminar for this year, it
is still available online Saturday, April 10th at
2:30 p.m.
If you have any friends or colleagues
who are considering retirement options, please
remind them to register at

Alternate dates are also available. 

Scroll down till you see the calendar of Events. 

Winter is over; now it’s time for puddle jumping,
fun and frolic again. Enjoy springtime! 

Rosemarie   Szalich

President District 8