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District 8 has over 2,500 members, including both Full members who are retired teachers or administrators of an Ontario School Board and Associate members. There are a wide variety of associate members including: retired teachers with commuted or deferred pensions; educational support staff from school boards and schools, such as psychologists, consultants, office support staff, secretaries, custodians and board employed bus drivers; retired teachers receiving a pension from private schools; and university and college faculty. Membership in a district comes automatically when joining the provincial organization. Our year runs from the October Annual Meeting of the District to the following October's AMD, this follows the calendar of the provincial organization. At the AMD the officers are elected by the membership; other executive members and recreational activity leaders are appointed by the officers as needed. The district executive meets on the third Thursday of the month in November, January, March, April, May, June and September. Any member may join the executive as an observer at the meeting, by contacting the President and making known their wishes to be present.


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The District Constitution Bylaws and Policies

These are reviewed and updated every five years, before submitting to the provincial organization for their approval. This was last done in 2012.

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A budget is published in the February newsletter. At the May Lunch meeting a vote is taken to approve the Proposed Budget for the current year.

Twice a year in October and May, the provincial organization hosts Senate meetings which give voice to the wishes of the entire organization of over 70,000 members. Two members of the District 8 executive (usually the President and Vice President) attend the two-day provincial Senate meetings as senators with voting rights. In addition, often two other members attend Senate as Observers (usually the Past President and Secretary).

Prior to these Senate meetings, our attendees meet with district representatives from Windsor, Sarnia-Lambton, Chatham-Kent, Elgin, Oxford and Huron-Perth to gain a better understanding of the issues and prepare for the debates at Senate.